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Pepa Pombo is a Colombian ready-to-wear brand reinventing knitwear since 1978. Intricate designs, heritage and innovative techniques define Pepa Pombo and create the vibrant and bold pieces that have become the brand’s artistic signature. Since, Pepa Pombo has established itself as a luxury fashion brand celebrated for its timeless style and its three-dimensional texture design.

Each Pepa Pombo collection showcases the brand’s DNA: a singular approach to knitwear. From thread to garment, the utmost attention is given to impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite detailing. The master weavers of Pepa Pombo carefully consider each thread, pattern of weaving, style and finishing technique to craft the distinctive, multifunctional and versatile pieces of the collection.

Launched in 1978 by designer Pepa Pombo, the brand grew into a thriving family-run business soon after its inception and has remained a leader of their eponymous handwoven pieces which last a lifetime.

Pepa Pombo, reinventing Knitwear
since 1978 through impeccable
craftsmanship and exquisite detailing